About Us

After travelling around the world for over 20 years, sailing on seas both near and far, we decided that the most beautiful part of the Mediterranean sea is here in Italy, in the Maddalena archipelago. For this reason, envisaging it as a retreat for us and our family, we chose to purchase an estate in the Gallura region of northern Sardinia.


Frafiledu, a site that covers 100 hectares, was an agricultural area containing only the old houses of landowners and shepherds. They were typical Sardinian-style buildings, with many rooms, inhabited by the large families who worked the land and took care of the animals. With patience, passion and attention to detail, we renovated them and turned them into charming independent villas with all the necessary amenities. The result is a luxury estate where you can spend a relaxing holiday surrounded by nature, only a short drive from the crystal-clear sea that you can explore by boat.

We created Frafiledu for ourselves, as a place to gather and relax with the family, but we want to share this little paradise with you too. We look forward to seeing you in Gallura!

Enrico and Enrica Boglione

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